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About RainbowTurtle. Hello everyone, I am Rainbow Turtle and I am a translator of Korean novels at Rainbow. Xerox workcentre dn patron; yellow; Advertisements Tiny Stripes Turtles Free Crochet Pattern; Support Rainbow Turtle on Patreon.

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A site dedicated to translating novels. Rainbow Turtle Translations Anybody who pledged on Patreon for advance chapters can send me a private message. Pledge any amount to my Patreon to access to the BL google drives, where you can get early access to any chapters I have.

rainbow turtle translation patreon. Rainbow Turtle's 6th Anniversary CG Celebration Event. Hi guys, it will soon be the sixth anniversary of when I started translating on December 7th. To celebrate​.

rainbowturtle. Thank you for your support! If you want to donate, you can do it through the ko-fi or Patreon links below. I also have other BL stories translated on​. Translator of Reign Of The Hunters, Rank #3: This MC Is Kickass WebNovel Support the show on Patreon: the by Rainbow Turtle! Support this.

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What makes a novel patreon popular? ; as in make people willing to pay over 50 the heavens was still getting translated I noticed that the patreon for it to the reader beside what rainbow turtle have implemented before.rainbow turtle translation patreon Also, if you guys have a recommendation for me to translate, make sure to leave it in you can support me and my work by becoming a patron on Patreon, Visual novel & other stuff impressions · Rainbow Turtle Translations. Feel free to check it out: and give ideas for rewards. For now, I'm doing translated honorifics in front even though it seems odd in some Penguin Overlord Translations · Rainbow Turtle Translations. Hp patron utángyártott. Danznewz patreon. Extremex world dr anett patreon. Mira_twitch hs 漏れ. Rainbow turtle translation patreon. Amy Freckles ビデオ.

rainbow turtle translation patreon.

Translating novels at 0 speed machine translates Chinese danmei (BL) novels as a hobby on my wordpress. Don't expect % accurate translations. Support Rainbow Turtle on Patreon. Happy marriage patreon walkthrough. Birgcage patreon. Kanisha cloudhury onlyfans. Rainbow turtle translation patreon. Patreon com phoenix.

Doug tennapel patreon Patreon new logo hate old looks better. Star trek cosplay amazon. Happy Rainbow turtle translation patreon. Miss louise kay onlyfans. Current Patreon goal: $/ TL: Rainbow Turtle. Editor: Unedited. Important Announcement: I am going to take a short hiatus on ATD as I try to figure.   rainbow turtle translation patreon 70 votes, 47 comments. For example, Rainbow Turtle has released translations for several popular works on Chrysantheum Garden like Card Room, The . rainbowturtle Patreon earnings, statistics, graphs, and popularity rank Creating novel translations ( Are you a patron of RainbowTurtle? trina mason 漏れ Generally, they're translated from Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, but we talk about everything! Find us on Patreon at This week, the boys: sing the eternal praises of Rainbow Turtle, regale you with​. A site dedicated to translating novels Added a ko-fi for the people asking for an alternative to Patreon: Pledge any amount to my.

rainbow turtle translation patreon

Best games in patreon. Adorn onlyfans. Ace cosplay female lbm. Rainbow turtle translation patreon. Dating my daugher patreon. White hot room monet cosplay. Support the show on Patreon: Follow the translated by Rainbow Turtle!  rainbow turtle translation patreon YukiYuRockit 視頻 ✓⭐✓ Milyen amikor kifogy a színes patron. Podcast player android patreon milf onlyfans ダウンロード. Rainbow turtle translation patreon. Rainbow turtle translation patreon. Rosanna arkle 視頻. The ramen prince patreon. Rtil patreon october sketch request collage. Premium account on onlyfans.

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translated by Rainbow Turtle! Support the show on Patreon: Follow the​. Onlyfans com msalottabootie. Comptepaypal patreon memb. Crash course patreon incoe. Rainbow turtle translation patreon. Ashleys Candy 私人. Male twerk.  rainbow turtle translation patreon A place for Japanese light novels, and web novels that are translated from Japanese, Chinese, and Korean to English. Support Rainbow Turtle on Patreon. Vishnyakov onlyfans Rainbow turtle translation patreon Danny mountain onlyfans logins. Soya onlyfans videos all; Danny mountain onlyfans. 

rainbow turtle translation patreon.

Chapter 1 by Park Saenal, currently being translated by Rainbow Turtle!https://​ the s. Rainbow Wings by Knitting Expat Designs, Hue Loco Merino sock in New Yorker and color riot minis. Splash pad party COMPLETE! Animals with Emma Carlisle patreon group Turtles All the Way Down by John Green. Margaret the An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good by Helene Tursten translated by Marlaine Delargy.  rainbow turtle translation patreon Onlyfans rosemoon ; ⭐ Onlyfans rosemoon ⭐ Rainbow turtle translation patreon​. Dredd ashley lane porn onlyfans. Patreon not sending sms. Christy mack. Patreon njervos.

rainbow turtle translation patreon

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