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Step 1: While logged in to your creator page, click the Edit your page button to get to your page editor. Step 2: Click the Basics settings page. Customizing Your Patreon URL To help make it easy for fans to find your Patreon page, we give you the option of creating a custom URL. This.

Adding a private Patreon feed

Your Patreon RSS link is specifically for you, as a patron to the creator offering this benefit. It contains an authorization token that links directly to your account. If​. Hey Guys, I follow a girl named Trisha Paytas on Youtube. She has a Patreon but it is linked to the url: When you go to that site it redirects to .

where is patreon url. › name-change-and-patreon-url.

I'm planning to change the name of my creator page, so I will also change the patreon URL. What happen if someone click on the old URL? Just right click to open your browser menu, and select 'Copy link'. Or, just copy the link there in however way your browser/device allows. Then save in your plugin.

How to find out your Patreon Profile Address or Account Name

Scroll until you see the section labeled Private RSS link. Patreon keeps an updated list with all apps that will and WILL NOT accept private RSS feed podcasts.where is patreon url Site URL: Hi there, I'm not very familiar with HTML5 and other web coding stuff, but I need to get PATREON logo and. Interact with the Patreon API via OAuth. scope is a list of OAuth2 scopes separated by url encoded spaces (%20). Legend of the cryptids cosplay. Set a base url and encode params with minimum fuss. Especially useful with JSON API. - Patreon/url-factory.

where is patreon url.

Places to Add Your Patreon Page Link Patreon is an American membership platform that provides business tools for content creators URL, Registration, Required. Users, 3 million. Your Patreon Podcast Subscribe Link. The best link to share with fans or members to connect them to your show. Simon Marcus avatar. Written by Simon Marcus.

Hello, I have the patreon plugin installed and configured. All the hooks are working. However, the “donation prompt” setting doesn't quite work. More features are planned as they become available in Patreon API. You can upgrade to Patron Plugin Pro and enable powerful content-locking options to serve.   where is patreon url Then, below the “Basics” section, scroll down and find “Patreon Page URL”. Then​, choose the name you want for your URL. Patreon link. This is. Here are a couple of simple ways to find Patrons for your show: Reference the URL to your Patreon in your podcast intro and outro ; Link Patreon on all your. Jessydee patreon altered worlds 8 After doing so, make sure to have your Forge account linked with Patreon. You can link your patreon over at “My Account” at the bottom, under account. Click New under the Posts section on the left-hand side and choose Link as the Post Type. Paste your Sketchfab model URL in the field provided.

where is patreon url

This will give you back a short URL that you can use to access the feed in our iOS and Android apps and Web. Next step is take this short URL and paste it into the​. When I go to the url, it redirects me to the “Memberships” tab. Become a patron of Brett Brimmer today: Read posts by Brett Brimmer and.  where is patreon url The two steps are (1) find the private RSS Link and (2) subscribe to the private RSS feed using your favorite podcast app. Follow the directions below. Don't forget to set up your custom Patreon URL under My Account! It will look much cooler than the user code we automatically assign.

So you've become a patron – Thank You! Here's how you access your ad-free episodes. First, you need to get your unique patreon RSS link. To get this link. NSURL(string: "\(patreonUserName)")! let application = as URL).  where is patreon url What do I get when I become a monthly Patreon supporter? We have created a Then hit “Edit” on the top right, and select “Add a Show by URL ”. Then paste. Know you exist, and; Become your patron. Driving traffic There are a couple of places you can add a link to your Patreon Page: In the Contact. 

where is patreon url.

Then select “Subscribe to Podcast ” from the dropdown and paste the feed URL​. Click ok and voilà! Apple Podcasts App: Tap the “My Podcasts” button on the. I changed my Patreon url name. I believe it was Deadstar before, but wanted to change it to incorporate all my previous and upcoming works. Please.  where is patreon url Customizing Your Patreon URL. Patreon is a membership platform that enables creators to earn an income by providing membership options to. dj patron legjobb diszkó zenék 2016 október

where is patreon url

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